Using Facebook as a Reporting Tool — Poynter NewsU, June 2015

With the right skills, journalists can turn Facebook into a massively helpful engine to find story ideas, sources, information and quotes. In this Poynter News University webinar, I taught best practices for journalism on Facebook, including:

  • How to navigate the personal/professional divide
  • The difference between journalist pages and profiles
  • The implications of various privacy options and how to implement them
  • How to craft posts for the audience
  • How to search Facebook for sources, groups and information
  • How to use Facebook to find verified content
  • How to develop a beat on Facebook
  • Why and how to find and/or build communities around your reporting
  • How to engage your audience on Facebook: groups, comments, Q&As

Twitter and TV: A Public Media Workshop — WGBH, May 2015

Two things have made the Twitter TV discussion interesting to me in 2015: The rise of Periscope and new numbers about the rise of digital video. This is a deck from a May 2015 workshop at WGBH. It reviews the role of social media in the current TV landscape, some basic thoughts on how Twitter fits into the engagement ecosystem, and introduces the platform to the beginner Tweeter.

Behind the Social at PBS’ Largest Content Provider — SXSW, March 2015

I moderated a discussion at South by Southwest Interactive 2015 about how three WGBH national programs — American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, and Masterpiece — are able to be innovative on social media despite monetary and workflow challenges.


Using social media to improve your journalism – NENPA, February 2015

I talked about using social media as a tool in the newsroom at the New England Newspaper Association’s annual conference in Boston. NENPA E-News Bulletin write-up

Twitter Analytics Dashboard – September 2014

My presentation to The World’s newsroom about how journalists can take advantage of Twitter’s new Analytics dashboard. The dashboard gives journalists details on tweet performance, impressions information over time, follower growth tracking, and a demographics breakdown of followers. My challenge to the newsroom was to send me one insight from their exploration of the dashboard.

Facebook 101 for WGBH Employees – May 2014

Why should you be on Facebook? How do you manage your personal and professional identities? This presentation goes over how (and why) to use Facebook for building your professional brand. The deck includes:
-Getting started on Facebook: the basics of optimizing your profile
-Privacy: the basics
-Social listening on Facebook: Graph Search, FB newswire, trending
-Best practices for professional Facebook use

Short Form Video: Presentation to the Newsroom – April 2014

Presentation to the newsroom on the basics of Vine and Instagram.

Twitter School and #AntiquesRoadshow Live Tweet – April 2014

Twitter School was a one-hour workshop I lead on April 7, 2014, for WGBH’s board of trustees. The second hour was led by Antiques Roadshow EP Marsha Bemko and Skinner CEO and Roadshow appraiser Karen Keane, who live-tweeted the live broadcast along with our group.

Twitter Workshop for WGBH – March 2014

My slides from a two-hour workshop for WGBH employees held on March 20. The workshop helped employees learn the basics of Twitter as well as tips, tricks and best practices for the platform.

Social Media MeetUp – September 12, 2013

Introducing WGBH’s new commitment to social media and employee guidelines. Along with VP for Digital Media Alexis Rapo, and Frontline’s Nathan Tobey, the Meetup will outline why social media is important for both your WGBH and personal brands.

Social Media: 60 Minutes, 20 Platforms – May 2013

An introduction to social media for WGBH employees interested in expanding their brand’s social presence. Presentation by Tory Starr and Mike Wood.

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